Olympian With No Sponsors Worked At Supermarket To Fund Her Tokyo 2020 Dream

A full-time job as an athlete requires a lot of training and competitions. However, it is not always a well-paid one. It’s a complicated thing to get funding from the government and commercial sources. Even if someone is qualified, there’s no guarantee they will be paid. Athletes need to be innovative.

we Already talked about BMX racingBethany ShrieverShe started a crowdfunder after she was invited to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The UK wasn’t able to sponsor her trip. A new story has emerged about Riley Day, an Australian sprinter who worked in a grocery store in order to save money for the Olympics.

Riley Day, an Olympian athlete, didn’t have sponsors to help her get to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. But she did it anyway

Riley Day beat her own personal record and now her personal-best result is 22.56 seconds. She couldn’t contain herself during her post-race interview Channel 7:That was a much better race than this morning. I’ve got my groove. Now I hope it’s the fastest heat so I can get in the final. Because that is a massive PB. That’s awesome.

The rising star is now number eight in Australia, but says she is still striving to be number one.

I want to be the best and I’m going to stop at nothing to be the best!