Faithful Man Still Searches For Wife Who Went Missing During 2011 Japan Tsunami


A faithful husband is still searching for his wife who went missing during the catastrophic Japanese tsunami of 2011.

According to Stuff, Yasuo Takamatsu, 64, lost his wife Yuko when a tsunami hit the town of Onagawa, in Miyagi, 10 years ago.

Source: BBC News

The Japanese man has since learned how to scuba dive so that he can search the freezing waters of the Pacific Ocean looking for his beloved wife.

After obtaining his diving licence, he proceeded to find her remains. It has been seven years and he still goes on weekly dives – 470 and counting.

Source: The Times

“I dive as if I’m going to meet her someplace. I’m always thinking that she may be somewhere nearby,” he said.
Apart from diving solo, Takamatsu has also joins local authorities in conducting underwater searches where the remains of 2,500 bodies were found in the province.
He has found albums, clothes, and other artefacts, but none of it belonging to his wife.

Source: The New York Times

Takamatsu said, for as long as he lives, he will continue to dive in an attempt to find her.
“In the last text message that she sent me, she said, ‘Are you OK? I want to go home,’” he said.
“I’m sure she still wants to come home.”
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