What is adult movie star Maria Ozawa doing now?

Once one of the most popular adult movies stars in Japan, Maria Ozawa’s life has turned over a new leaf.

Maria Ozawa was very well known for being one of the most famous adult movie actresses in Japan as well as entire Asia. She’s got a pretty face and an appealing body.

Maria Ozawa took only a few years of her career to bloom and got on every news and channel on air. However, she decided to retire to live with the man of her life. The changes in her life have stunned many fans. Let’s find out what she is currently up to!

How she became famous

Maria was born in 1986 in Hokkaido, Japan to a Japanese father and Canadian mother, which is why she has the mixed beauty of both Western and Eastern roots.

She was also one of the most gifted students in an international school in Hokkaido. Nevertheless, at 19, Maria made a very bold decision to leave school and started a career in the adult industry without her parents knowing.This secret couldn’t be hidden so long, and eventually, her parents knew the truth. They became furious and threatened if she didn’t give up, they wouldn’t see each other anymore. Despite all the objections, Maria insisted on keeping her choice.

The decision soon made her a “gem” of the industry, earning a great fortune for herself. Though having a sufficient and lavish lifestyle thanks to this job, she also took back many insults, defamation, and boycotting. And, after 10 years in the industry, she retired and started a new life.

Met and loved the man of her life

This news shocked the world and what followed also drew great attention from the media: She announced her boyfriend. He is Jose Sarasola, a Spanish-Philippine actor, cook, and businessman. They met for the first time in a bar.Attracted by Maria Ozawa’s beauty, Jose came to ask for a wefie, and the relationship has developed ever since. Up to the present, they have been together for 5 years.

Maria shares that she and her boyfriend have many common hobbies such as traveling, football, sea sightseeing, and watching movies. Jose has been always by her side to encourage and share about everything in life. They are just a united form that can’t be separated. Both families love that and support their romantic relationship.

Jose doesn’t care about Maria’s past: “It is how she is now and how she treats our family that matter. My close acquaintances love her. We often eat out together.”

Maria does not only have an envious relationship but also makes a good investment in doing business. She is the owner of many restaurants and bars. Aside from that, she got offers to feature in entertainment events and commercial brands too.Maria Ozawa also runs a Youtube channel with more than 170K followers. On the channel, she shares a lot about foods. She wishes the Covid-19 pandemics will soon be over so that she can make use of her passion for food to develop her business.

Besides, Maria also intends to open another pub in the Phillipines, which has been planned to start after the pandemics.