Japanese Man Survives 36 Years On Vouchers Without Spending A Single Cent Of His Own Money

This is the dream for many of us!

Sinchew Daily reported a very peculiar case of a Japanese man who did not use a single cent of his own money in 36 years.

How did the man do it, you may ask? Well, Kiriya Hiroshi, 71, started investing in stocks when he was 35-years-old.

So in the Japanese stock market, there is a certain system where an investor who has put in a certain amount of money will be able to get multiple vouchers as a form of a reward. The market value of the stocks that he has now is worth 300 million yen (RM11,800,000).

Currently, Kiriya has investments in more than 900 companies and they give him his fair share of vouchers every year. In a reality show, he said that he would use those coupons in exchange for daily necessities such as rice, oil, salt, clothes, shoes and even a bicycle!

Kiriya also keeps strictly to his budget and does not spend on things that cost more than his voucher value. As for transportation, he cycles around.

His wallet is not an ordinary wallet and is definitely a sight to see as he does not have any cards or cash in there but stacks of vouchers!

Source: Sin Chew Daily
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