Japanese Motorcycle ‘Babe’ Turns Out To Be 50yo Uncle Using FaceApp

These days, a lot of people are not who they seem to be in this world.

Recently, a Japanese “lady” biker and enthusiast who became famous on the Internet was revealed to be a 50-year-old uncle who was using FaceApp!

@azusagakuyuki has a strong following of 17,000 followers on Twitter and is often seen riding and posing on different bikes. One day, sharp-eyed netizens caught Azusa’s reflection on a mirror on one of the pictures and it was definitely not a 20-something woman, rather, the person looked like a middle-aged man.

The producers of a Japanese variety show then tried to track down Azusa and when they finally did, we can see that the person has weathered hands. As the helmet comes off, Azusa is revealed to be a 50-year-old uncle. When asked about how he changed himself to be a young girl, he said that he used FaceApp, reported 8World.
His reason for changing his gender and age is because he wanted to share his love for bikes but he felt that nobody would want to know or care about an old guy. So, he turned himself into a beautiful young woman to gain a big following.

This uncle has certainly fooled a lot of people! We wish him all the best in his passion for biking and in life. Also, you might want to follow someone for their passion or knowledge, and not just their looks.
Article Source:worldOfbuzz