1.90 meters long: Japanese model does not cut hair

Rin Kambe , let your hair down! The model Rin describes herself as “Japanese Rapunzel” and lives up to this name.

In addition to dancing and posing, she loves one thing above all: long, well-groomed hair. The Japanese not only cuts a fine figure on the pole dance pole – she impresses above all with a whale mane, which is a real eye-catcher: Rin Kambe’s head of hair is now 1.90 meters long!

In a YouTube interview, she now speaks openly about her record-breaking mane: She has not consulted a hairdresser for 15 years – and no rendezvous with the scissors is planned in the future. “I hope my hair will be even longer,” says the dancing Rapunzel lookalike and also gives the reason for this extraordinary hairstyle: “I believe that natural hair is a means for maximum self-expression and I am happy when it is People excited to go out of my Rapunzel dance show. ”

Rin’s special look is sure to attract everyone’s attention. However, the XXL mane also needs to be cared for and cared for in a time-consuming manner. “I should wash [ my hair] every five to seven days,” notes the hair miracle. While Rin washes only the top hair with shampoo, the hair lengths enjoy a separate care treatment.

How do you like Rin Kambe’s XXL mane?