The Lecturer Who Lived In A Tent For 2 Years Because She Couldn’t Pay House Rent

A young lecturer named Aimee Le has disclosed that for the two years that she taught her students English at the university, they never knew she was living in a tent.

the lecturer who lived in a tent

The lecturer lived in a tent.

In an interview with the Guardian, Aimee revealed that living in such a condition was not an easy choice.

She added that it became the last resort when her flat rent increased in her third year as a Ph.D. student at Royal Holloway, University of London.

Many instances of sacrifices

With the increase, she soon realized that she could not keep up with the cost of running her research and staying in a flat.

To keep warm on cold days, the lady had to chop woods to make fire. To prevent her books from being damaged by the elements, she kept them in school.

In order not to get her parents bothered, she had to lie to them about where she was staying.

Despite what she was going through, she achieved great things.

“I got good reviews from students. I marked 300 GCSEs in a hotel lobby. I even organized an international conference. I was working to a very high standard and I was incredibly focused,” she said.

I never got any salary

The young lecturer said that even though she informed her students that as a postgraduate teacher, she was not getting a salary for her work, she did not let them know her shelter condition.

With all the scholarship money Aimee got as an international student, she still had to pay £8,000 (KSh 1.2 million) yearly in fees.

Throughout the duration of her studies, she tutored school children and worked in a botanical garden for money.

Following the expiration of her two-year fixed teaching contract at Exeter University, she is now with her parents again, looking for a job.