Which Area In Japan Is Famous For The Most Beautiful Women?


Many Japanese women still consider their looks the most important. It is evident from the beauty pageants held here. The idea that you should not wear makeup is considered impolite. Also, it is apparent from the creepy obsession that high school girls have with uniforms and high school girls.

Japanese women are known to be kind, strong-willed and friendly. They excel at education and are often better than men. Japan has a long way to go in terms of equality laws and rights.

Everyone can agree that Japanese women, like all other nationalities, are beautiful. Japanese people call it “bijin”, and Japanese use the term “Akita Bijin” to describe beautiful women. Many Japanese people think of Akita Prefecture in this way. Here’s why!

What makes Akita women considered beautiful?
It is a historical fact that Akita Prefecture women are beautiful. This belief is well-known among Japanese citizens across Japan. Akita women are believed to have a more fair complexion. It is controversially believed that having lighter skin is more attractive than having darker skin in Japan. Akita residents are less exposed to sunlight and UV rays than the majority of Japanese people. This could explain why they have a fairer skin. Akita is located in the northern part of Japan. Akita gets less sunlight in winter, so there is less daylight. It could also be that Akita is extremely cold in winter so people tend to stay inside more.

A 1960 study revealed that Akita women had skin that was 29.6% (I don’t know how this calculation is done). The average Japanese whiteness is 22%.

Akita women are said to have round and small faces that are attractive, as well as their skin color. These are just a few reasons why women in Akita have beautiful skin and nice-shaped faces.