Kim Ji-Soo Officially Certified As The Most Beautiful Woman In The World 2022

The Most Beautiful Woman In The World global poll and survey which lasted for 5 months organised by Nubia Magazine came to an end on the 1st Of July 2022. Featuring 20 beautiful female celebrities from various countries across the globe, the woman with the most votes of approval in the lengthy survey has been concluded as the bearer of the title.

The Nubia Magazine promoted poll collected over 1 million votes from 116 countries in total, with the top voting countries being Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Argentina, Brazil, Algeria, Thailand, Philipines, UAE, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, United States, Spain, South Korea and more…

Receiving 500 thousand votes from a total of 98 countries over the course of the survey, the famous South Korean actress and singer Kim Ji-soo has been named the World’s Most Beautiful Woman in  2022. Coming behind her closely is the Taiwanese singer Chou Tzuyu and in the 3rd position is the Thai Rapper and dancer Lalisa Manoban. Jisoo received the majority of votes from Mexico, Colombia, Peru, South Korea and more.

Based on the final results of the lengthy survey, Kim Jisoo has been officially certified as the Most Beautiful Woman in The World in 2022. Nubia Magazine has gotten in touch with Kim Ji-soo’s management YG Entertainment for the delivery of the certificate.