Japanese Dad Builds Mini Sushi Conveyor Belt and Oden Stand at Home for His Son Bryan KeBryan Ke


A Japanese YouTuber father has gone viral for a home project involving a mini conveyor belt sushi restaurant and mini oden stand to surprise his son.

Morikawapapa surprise his son in January, but social media users picked up on the video again recently and started sharing it on several platforms, including 9gag and Reddit.

In the video, the Japanese YouTuber created a sushi conveyor belt using plastic train toys with small plastic bowls taped on top.

Screenshot via 森川パパch morikawa papa

He then added banners behind him to make his sushi restaurant more authentic.

Screenshot via 森川パパch morikawa papa

You can see the joy in the boy’s face after seeing the surprise.
Screenshot via 森川パパch morikawa papa

In May, he made a mini-oden stand complete with roofing, lanterns and noren, vertical fabric hanging in front of stores. Needless to say, his son enjoyed his meal with a full stomach and a happy smile.

Feature Image Screenshot via 森川パパch morikawa papa