Indonesian man travels 236km for woman he met on Mobile Legends, gets rejected

An Indonesian man travelled 236 kilometres to meet a woman he had gotten close to through war game Mobile Legends — only to be rejected by her.

Crying outside a shop after getting rejected
A video of in Kota Padang Panjang, West Sumatra was posted on Instagram on Thursday (Aug. 12).


As seen in the video, a crowd gathered around the man, asking him what happened.A voice can be heard asking: “She called you a bad guy?”The man continued crying, nodded and said: “Yes.”

Travelled 236km
The person recording the video explained that the man rode his motorbike from Pekanbaru in Riau to Padang Panjang in West Sumatra, which is 236.1 kilometres away, to be exact.He had hoped that the woman would accept his love, and did not expect to get rejected.The person recording the video told the young man: “There are many other women out there. Don’t be like this.”