Japanese Man Finds Heartwarming Pictures of His Deceased Father on Google Earth


A loved one’s death is never an easy thing to move on from, what more when the deceased is a family member.

However, sometimes we might stumble upon their photos or belongings that evoke nostalgia.

A Japanese man tweeted about a pleasant surprise he found when he was bored. Twitter user @TeacherUfo was bored at home when he suddenly thought of looking up his parents’ home on Google Earth.

When the results loaded, he (virtually) went down the road near his parents’ house and found his father who passed away seven years outside the house. Further down the road, he saw his mother returning home from what appeared to be a supermarket trip.
Describing his father, he said that he was a kind but quiet man. In the tweet, he also expressed his hope for Google Earth to not delete that photo.

The tweet has since gone viral with more than 118,000 retweets and 698,000 likes. Many other Twitter users were inspired to look up Google Earth as well.
One user said that she searched near her parents’ house and found her mother (who passed away in February 2020) sitting outside the neighbourhood park.
This user found a picture of her dog who had passed on due to old age. They said that it brought a smile to their face and hopes that the pictures will not be deleted.

Article Source:worldOfbuzz