Despite having wives and children, many Japanese men decide to live with dolls.

According to a 2018 Japanese population census, in 3546, Japan’s population will become extinct if men in Japan increasingly prefer artificial dolls to women.

Currently, in Japanese society, it is a fact that many men here raise affectionate dolls like a woman of flesh and blood. Even more remarkable is that people are married, have wives and children, but still find joy with beautiful dolls. And Mr. Masayuki Ozaki, 45, a physiotherapist, is one of them.

Mr. Ozaki said that he fell in love with a doll named Mayu at first sight through the window of a doll store. He admits that he has felt very lonely for the past few years because his feelings for his wife have grown cold. Mr. Ozaki shared: “After bringing the Mayu doll home, my wife got angry, she criticized me a lot. However, things have stabilized now. Both I, Mayu, and my wife live under the same roof“.

Mr. Ozaki also said that his daughter was initially scared, even upset when she saw a giant doll in the house. But now, when she’s old enough to figure it all out, her daughter even shares clothes with Mayu dolls.
Many people believe that the purpose of Mr. Ozaki’s purchase of Mayu is only to solve his needs; however, for this man, the Mayu doll has a greater meaning than that. This man confided:

“Japanese women are getting colder and colder. They are very selfish. After a hard day at work, men want someone who can listen, but they complain. As for me, no matter what problem I have, Mayu is always willing to listen and be there waiting for me. I love everything about her and want to be with her for the rest of my life.”

However, because of that, Mr. Ozaki has lost his genuine social relationships. Living in a closed world with Mayu dolls, Mr. Ozaki could not imagine how betrayed by contact with a natural person. “I want to be buried with her when I die and go to heaven with her,” the man insisted. About 2,000 life-size dolls are sold each year in Japan. Customers looking to buy dolls are often people with disabilities, unhappy married lives, or others who use dolls to solve psychological problems.


Noburu Tanaka, a doll seller, says that having a love affair with silicone dolls is even better than with real people: “You may have trouble doing it with your wife, but not with dolls. Does it matter? Senji Nakajima, 62, a married man with two children, also has a girlfriend named Saori. Unlike Mr. Masayuki Ozaki, Mr. Senji Nakajima’s family cannot accept plastic dolls as family members. So the 62-year-old man moved in with this doll. He loved the doll so much that he framed his photos on the wall and even took Saori out for picnics and skiing with him.


Mr. Nakjima said, “I will never date a woman again. They are heartless people. Women these days are very demanding, they always want something from you like money and commitment. But my heart beats every time I get home and see Saori. She never betrayed me, and she made all my worries go away. ”


Mr. Nakajima said that he could not reconcile with his longtime wife because the two of them no longer spoke the same language. Mr. Nakajima believes that he has found true love with the Saori dolls. “I don’t want to destroy what I have with her. I never cheated on her. For me, Saori is a human being,” Nakajima said.

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