After 25 years of marriage, Denise Rossi suddenly filed a divorce to her husband Thomas Rossi in a hurry without informing anyone before. It turned out she just won $1.3 million of lottery 11 days before that.

The story of this lottery winner is a precious lesson for all. Had she been honest at the beginning, she could remain a millionaire instead of a loser by now.

The former California lottery winner Denise Rossi after the destiny family court
Denise Rossi was a 49-year-old woman in California when she came to the turning point of her life. On December 17, 1996, she bought lottery tickets with some friends and won $1.3 million out of the shared $6.6 million from the California Lottery. Just imagine what that amount of money could buy in 1996?

Thrilled by the lottery money she got, Denise Rossi immediately planned a divorce with her husband so she could be the sole owner of $1.3 million. On December 28 of the same year, she suddenly filed a divorce with Thomas Rossi, her 65-year-old husband.

The husband was more than s.h.o.c.k.e.d as their 25-year marriage had no signal of a prominent break-up at all. And Denise said she wanted to have it done as quickly as possible.

Before filing the divorce, of course the greedy woman hadn’t told anyone about her lottery winning as well as the reason why she wanted to break up with Thomas. She didn’t list that amount of money into properties during marriage either.

However, the fact that she won $1.3 million of the state lottery were then publicized and everyone, including the court, knew it.

They used to be a passionate couple before money came between.
During a family court, the judge decided Denise Ross had seriously violated the state asset disclosure laws. Her action could even be considered fraud or malice. Therefore, the court ruled the awarded money would be transferred to her then ex-husband Thomas Rossi. Denise wouldn’t be kept a penny of it.

When hearing the court decision, Denise was stunned and broke into tears. She admitted she didn’t want her husband get his hands on the money she got from the lottery. She said she wanted to get her next legal move to claim her money back.

After the court, Thomas said they used to be called a couple of homebodies in the neighborhood. They shared the same toothbrush and bathroom. They did everything together till this happened.

However, Denise told another story. She wrote in her filings that she had wanted to end her marriage for years because she found it unhappy. She always worked hard while Thomas was always broke.

There were many cases like Denise’s where winners bought their ticket in groups and shared the same prize.
One day, she and her 5 co-workers played the lottery and won $6.6 million. That means she won $1.3 million, so she knew she had a way to get out of the failed relationship. She blamed her ignorance of the asset disclosure law that led to her hiding the winning money.

In fact, if Denise was open about the award, she would have to share a half of it to her ex-husband according to the California’s property laws. Having said that, she could argue it’s her separate property and had a chance of keeping it on her own, as long as she’s honest.

It’s a pity that she wasn’t honest from the beginning which angered the judge and made him to declare all the money would go to her ex-husband Thomas Rossi.

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