Demon Slayer Gets Shout Out from Japanese Figure Skater Marin Honda

Demon Slayer quickly rose to be one of the most popular Shonen franchises. It was even able to dethrone Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece in terms of overall manga sales.

It’s not surprising that the series by Koyoharo Goutuge is reaching new audiences. Marin Honda, a Japanese figure skater, expressed her love for the series by cosplaying as one the most loved Hashira.

The Demon Slayer Corps’ upper classes have taken a vow to eliminate all supernatural threats from the planet.
Honda herself dressed up as Shinobu, the butterfly Hashira, for her latest performance as one of the most well-known ice skaters in Japan, hot on the heels of the Tokyo Summer Olympics having plenty of anime references during the games. While Shinobu didn’t have a big role to play in the recently released first feature-length film in Demon Slayer’s anime series, Mugen Train, expect some moments for her in the upcoming second season of the television series which is set to release later this year at a date that has yet to be revealed. With season two set to focus on the Entertainment District Arc, fans are chomping at the bit for any new information.

Marin Honda herself took to Instagram to share her recent Cosplay that showed her love of the Shonen franchise created by Koyoharo Gotouge, sporting a pitch-perfect look that helps bring one of the strongest Hashira to life following her debut in Demon Slayer’s first season:


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Demon Slayer’s manga came to a close last year, bringing to a close the story of Tanjiro and his monster hunting buddies, and with no sequel apparently in the works, fans are left wondering how much time is left when it comes to the anime adaptation. Considering the insane success of Mugen Train, which has easily become the most profitable anime film to ever be released, we would imagine that there will be at least a few more movies that will arrive in the future of the franchise.

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